Pay as you Sell

No Risk, No Obligation


Dear CTC Customers,

You would have already seen our email regarding the launch of our exclusive ‘Pay As You Sell’ initiative that we have co-developed with CTC Head-Office. We already have a number of CTC members sign-up to this program and if you haven’t done so as yet, please let us know and we can take you through how it works.  It’s very simple! 

Given everything that is happening at the moment, we understand that Vaping sales are bit slow and our ‘Pay As You Sell’ program allows you to keep selling and pay as you go with no risk, no obligation.  

The good news is that consumers are reverting back to physical stores to purchase their Vaping products because on-line stores are very slow with deliveries and some of their products are out of stock from overseas suppliers.  This is a great time to make sure you can capture these consumers with a solid range of Vapes and e-liquids in your store.

Our Tele sales team will be contacting our CTC Tobacconist customers over the coming days to take orders and discuss how this program can assist your sales.  If you would like to take up this offer immediately, please phone us on 0499 827 464 or via email

Thank you for your support.  

Keep well and stay safe.

InnerVapeCo. Team.