InnerVapeCo. Safety Protocol

All shop staff are required to be fully-vaccinated

Covid Case Monitoring and Incident Management

To protect our team and community, InnerVapeCo. has implemented the following policies and actions in relation to Covid-19:

• monitor and follow the advice of NSW Health with regard to Covid-19

• monitor our community of customers, staff and suppliers for cases of Covid-19

• any team member that has travelled overseas or come in contact with a person infected by Covid-19 is required to notify management immediately and self-isolate at home for 7 days; if they develop any symptoms, they must see their doctor and follow their advice, including taking a Covid-19 test if required - they must not return to work until a negative test result and all symptoms have resolved

• any team member with cold or flu-like symptoms is required to stay at home, consult their doctor if necessary and take a RAT Test and only come back to work when clear of all symptoms and negative results on the test.

• if a case of Covid-19 cases is traced to within our premises, InnerVapeCo’s management team will immediately establish an action plan based on the advice of Health Authorities which may include a full or partial shutdown for 3 days or more to allow thorough cleaning, contact tracing and testing

• ensure management meet regularly to review current circumstances and advice of Health Authorities to ensure our policies and actions remain effective

• keep our team and community informed of changes to our policies and any other matters of importance.

Hygiene and Health Practices:

• hand sanitising stations placed throughout our store

• hospital grade disinfectant used to clean all hard surfaces daily (floors, bathrooms, door handles) and more frequently (every 2 hours) for all high traffic/high touch public areas such as service counters, iPads, EFTPOS terminals, phones, etc.

• antibacterial hand soap placed in the bathroom

• prohibited use of our e-liquid tasting station.